Other services we provide



Although we specialize in sales of new designer eyewear, All About Eyewear Optical does repairs of glasses on-site for all makes and models. It's best to bring the frame in and have the optician assess the damage of your frame. Sometimes, it is not worth repairing if the frame is not structurally sound and has a high chance of breaking again in the near future. The optician will assess the time and amount of work that will be involved in fixing your frame, whether its bending it back into its original shape or soldering two pieces together. There is a fee for this service based on how complex the repair is.
It is often best to consider a new pair that will have a fresh warranty.
Minor tune-ups like changing nose-pads and deep cleaning are available as well.


Did you know that Opticians can copy the prescription of your favourite glasses? Sometimes, you just really like the prescription of your old glasses and want to have that same prescription again in a new pair of glasses... Just bring the glasses that you want to duplicate and we can put the same prescription into a new pair of frames! (Standard lens and frame pricing applies)


Verification of eyeglasses (checking lens powers, thicknesses, centration, etc.) $85
Soldering $50+
Titanium soldering (done off-site) $60+
Other repairs, $10 per 0.1 hour or part thereof, minimum 0.2 hrs.

Adjusments and minor repairs - no charge (if purchased from us)
We gladly do no charge adjustments and minor repairs on glasses purchased from us. But, we do offer services for a fee for glasses purchased elsewhere:
Minor Adjustments, minor repairs and maintenance (includes eyeglass tune-up) $15
Nose pad replacement add $3
Rimless eyeglass repairs add $10

Major Adjustments $45
Deep cleaning $10

All repairs and adjustments are done at the customer's risk.


We do contact lens fittings and feature the newest lens technologies available to give you a more comfortable and healthier fit. Daily lenses, monthly lenses or multifocal, we can help.


We recommend regular eye exams. The fresher your eyeglass prescription is, the better your vision will be. If you require an eye exam, please give us a call and we can arrange one with an optometrist.